silverhawkdruid (silverhawkdruid) wrote,

Ducks and litterlouts!!!

I am livid!! Fuming!! So angry, I am beside myself! First, on the way to school, I watch in disbelief as someone opens their car door and hurls rubbish into the very hedgerow that Tara and I fight so hard to keep clean!!!!
Too many people in the car to risk a confrontation, specially with Tara there.

THEN..... on the way home from same school run I see a man with a shotgun firing at ducks on the river next to my daughter's school!!!!
Several phone calls later and I am left feeling utterly helpless, hands tied!!

Oh, I yelled at the man with the gun, but walked off pretty sharpish when he yelled back!! Mental note to self: Don't argue with a man holding a gun!! Damn I wish I had a mobile phone! By the time I reached a place where I could phone for help it was likely too late, but I phoned anyway. It is being looked into by the RSPCA.

If there are any developments, I shall let you know.

Derwyddes Curyll Arian
Tags: ducks, guns, litter
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